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WAR OF WINGS ~ 4 STARS If this sounds like something you’d like to read there’s a giveaway over @MR today…WAR OF WINGS print giveaway

WAR OF WINGS is the first in a trilogy surrounding the fall of Lucifer and a third of the angels from Heaven.

WAR OF WINGS is a well thought out and imaginative account of events leading up to, during, and immediately after the fall via Gabriel and Lucifer’s points of view.

Gabriel is introduced as a slacker who becomes a reluctant and unlikely leader.

Lucifer Morningstar the first and brightest, the great deceiver who believed he was God’s equal.

We know the story of Lucifer and his expulsion from Heaven, but we know the 20,000 foot version.  Tanner McElroy imagines a more personal view for readers, adroitly walking a fine line of humanizing angels enough to make them relatable while maintaining their otherworldliness.  It’s well done and the slow inexorable transformation of Lucifer and his followers, a visual reflection of their hearts, is one of my favorite aspects.

Lucifer’s insidious campaign against God and Gabriel’s struggle with love and truth drew me into WAR OF WINGS. When events finally culminate in a definitive battle on the grounds of Provender, God’s loyal angels have no concept of the dark knowledge Lucifer has gained and can’t wait to wield. During the battle, I was reading furiously while white-knuckle gripping my book. Despite knowing the outcome, tense, would be putting it mildly.

WAR OF WINGS is a thought provoking book about God, faith, love, free will, and responsibility.  If these interest you, WAR OF WINGS should be at the top of your TBR pile.  Hopefully, BkII, THE REIGN will be released soon.

I’ll leave you with my favorite passage.  It speaks volumes.

“They made their own choice, Gabriel.  There is no hope for them.  You must accept that.”

“That is the difference between you and me. I believe God’s forgiveness is limitless. I have hope for her. I have hope for all of them.”  He looked back to the beautiful blue world receding into the distance behind them. So much promise there. When he spoke again it was with hard-earned wisdom.  He could feel the truth of it. “Some see a hopeless end while others see endless hope.”  


ASHES AND BONE ~ 4 stars

ASHES AND BONE is the final book in the Delta Crossroads Trilogy.  Jaymee, Nick, Cage, and Dani, the major players from Tin God and Skeleton Key, are back for their final adventure.

In the middle of a derecho storm investigative reporter Nick, Cage’s former brother in law and Jaymee’s lover, disappears on his way to Roselea.  It’s quickly determined his accident and disappearance isn’t storm related.  Nick, hot on the trail of a story, has been kidnapped.  The clock is ticking.

Once again events revolve around historical sites, artifacts, and murder.  Norton Investment is the current owner of the Semple property obtained, many believe, by hook and crook.  Efforts are still underway to prevent Norton developing the land.  Mixed in with the historical land dispute is the sale of counterfeit Confederate artifacts and whispers of the Dixie Mafia (we’re not talking Elvis here).  Is the Dixie Mafia myth, reality, or just a smoke screen to divert attention from the truth?

When I started ASHES AND BONE and discovered it focused on characters that had already experienced enough drama for one life time I was a bit skeptical.  However; Ms. Green ties the storyline into Skeleton’s Key in a completely credible way.  ASHES AND BONE reads as a continuation of events set in motion in Skeleton’s Key but in such a way that both books can stand alone.  Ms. Green adeptly keeps readers guessing right to the end with a mystery wrapped within a mystery.  While you may figure out the “who” it’s the “why” and the history that keep you reading.  The search for Nick exposes long buried secrets and ends with a unique cringe worthy climax.

ASHES AND BONE is an apt finale to an atmospheric and cleverly plotted trilogy.  If you like your mysteries Southern fried The Delta Crossroads trilogy should be on your list.

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