As many of y’all know, Shawntelle visited a while ago.

REPOSSESSED (Warlock Repo Man Chronicles) is the first in her new Urban Fantasy Romance series.

These are my thoughts…

SM_Repossessed_375w Supernatural matchmaker Tess Dandridge is in a pickle.  The only means of contacting her V.I.P. clients, her magical Smythe scroll, is lost when her car is repo’ed.

Not one to give up easily she works a deal with Clive, repo man Rob Shin’s boss.  She’ll help Clive find a match if she can accompany Rob on his trips thus giving her access to Limbo to search for the scroll.

Rob, a Navy Seal on medical leave, is doing repo work to pay off his family’s debts.  Having Tess tag along isn’t Rob’s idea of ideal working conditions.  Everyone knows repo can be a dangerous job.


Tess is following in her grandmother’s matchmaking footsteps.  Able to open her business with a legacy to do just that Tess is struggling to stay afloat.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t the best business model.  All she needs is to secure a match for Archibald Cramer. With his endorsement business would take off.  The chance to satisfy Cramer is endangered when she loses the Smythe scroll.  Can the matchmaker find her Smythe scroll, save her business, and secure true love for herself?

Rob Shin is a warlock.  He joined the Navy right out of high school and eventually made the SEALs.  On medical leave for a month he takes the repo job to pay his aunt & uncle’s debt.  They’re all Rob has left in the world; well he does have Harabeuji the spirit in the bag he carries, and family is important.  Initially, Rob isn’t happy about having Tess tag along but she begins to grow on him, even proving to be helpful once or twice.  He certainly didn’t plan on putting her in danger or falling for her, after all he only has a month.

Having never read Ms. Madison or her other series I wasn’t sure what to expect from REPOSSESSED (Warlock Repo Man Chronicles), the first in her new urban fantasy romance series.  Warmth, wit, humor, and family oriented is what I got.  Ms. Madison has created a viable supernatural world that co-exists with the human world.  Each chapter begins with a funny dating tip setting the tone for the chapter.

Tess and Rob possess humor, intelligence, and a genuinesss that pulls the reader in.  Their problems are relatable.  After all, who hasn’t struggled or worried about money and making ends meet? Family figures prominently in the lives of Tess and Rob, sometimes to their chagrin.  I was taken with the notion that beloved family members could visit and stay in touch.  That could be a two edged sword but who hasn’t lost someone they wished they could talk with again?

REPOSSESSED possesses a quality that isn’t normally equated with urban fantasy, magical or otherwise, charm.  Count me in for the second in the series!

4 Stars

If you’re looking for a new series & enjoy paranormal give REPOSSESSED a go…:)