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Café, though I must confess I drink very little of it. I think I just need to smell the aroma in the morning
Windows open (lots of natural light)
A clean room (so I can pretend all housework is done)


The lore – it’s so incredibly rich
The spirit of its people
The Scottish accent
Kilts, of course!
The Pictish legacy, the standing stones

Excerpt from Tanya’Anne Crosb’s novella ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND LEGEND

The wind whipped around them, snapping his crude blanket like a weathered flag. Annie groaned. She had the strangest feeling suddenly… as though she were not quite anchored in reality. She examined him closer… maybe for the first time. His long black hair was braided at the sides, probably to keep the hair out of his face. It certainly wasn’t a fashion statement. His eyes were the color of steel, but they appeared nearly as confused as Annie felt.
As absurd as it seemed, after tossing her down twice, she had the sense he wouldn’t do her any real harm.
She took another glance around, noticing the subtle differences in the landscape. The cairn in the distance was newly built, not eroded. The grass was no longer quite as green as it had appeared when she’d sat down to eat her sandwich. The bluebells were gone.
Same place.
Not the same time.
How could this be?
She turned back to her barbarian friend. Although she knew it must be impossible, he seemed to be the real deal. And no, he wasn’t crazy. Nothing about that look in his eyes was crazed. In fact, it was the single most knowing gaze she had ever met in all her life. He was assessing her quietly, listening, standing with arms akimbo, eyes narrowed, waiting for her to continue.
Oh, God… there was no way… no way… no way…
Annie’s heart skipped a beat as she considered testing him. Languages were her love, and the ancient Scots tongue in particular was her forte.
“Cò às an do tharraing thusa?” she blurted. Where have you come from?
His dark brows lifted in surprise, but he replied. “Sgàin. A bheil gàidhlig agaibh?” Scone. You speak the old tongue?
No way, no way, Annie kept repeating in her head. Some folks still spoke Gaelic in these parts. And the language wasn’t that far removed. It proved nothing, but she answered anyway, “Tha, rud beag.” Yes, a little.
“Cò stiùir thu an seo?” Who sent you here?
“Chan eil. An tòir air Clach na Cinneamhain.” Nobody. I’m seeking the Destiny Stone.
Without warning, his temper exploded yet again. “Mac Bhàdhair fhuileach thu!” Son of a cow’s bloody afterbirth! He threw his hands into the air and advanced upon her, his look murderous.
“Oh God!” Annie exclaimed, scrambling backward in the grass. She realized two things in that frightening instant. First, the guy was suddenly really and truly pissed. And second, she wasn’t in Kansas anymore—not literally or figuratively.


The Winter Stone is a collection of three brand-new, never-before-published novellas.

One legend, Three Enchanting Novellas 
Three best-selling, award-winning, authors, three heart-felt stories, the splendor of Scotland, and a legend passed down through generations. These are the romantic tales of the Winter Stone…  

A Guardians of the Stone novella 

Annie McPherson has gone through her entire life a bit lost. She’s about to find herself misplaced in time as well, where she must take her place as a guardian and find a way to restore the faith of a powerful chieftain. Will she win his heart as well? 

MACALISTER’S HOPE by Laurin Wittig 
A Kilmartin Glen novella 

Kieron MacAlister has always loved Fia MacLachlan, a wee fey lass he met years ago who, with her sweet smile and surprising insight, changed his life. When he comes face-to-face with the beautiful woman she’s grown into, can he convince her to change her life, too? 

THE OUTCAST by Glynnis Campbell 
A Shadow of the Queen novella 

Lachlan Mar, a disfigured and broken Scots warrior, doesn’t believe anything can mend the wounds of war until Alisoune Hay, a brilliant and beautiful young lass, stumbles into his cottage and his life, healing his hurt and his heart with the most magical power of all–love.  

One legend, three enchanting novellas from three beloved authors.

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Laurin Wittig: Website | Goodreads
Tanya Anne Crosby: Website | Goodreads
Glynnis Campbell: Website | Goodreads

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My thoughts on THE WINTER STONE 3.5 stars

Though their names are familiar I’d never read any of these authors.   THE WINTER STONE features three historical novellas surrounding a legendary stone.

ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND LEGEND (Guardian of the Stones novella) ~ Tanya Anne Crosby ~ 3.5 stars

Annie McPherson has returned to Scotland in search of the Destiny Stone.  Browsing in a shop while waiting on her cousin, Kate, Annie’s given an odd stone by the shop keeper.

Travel back in time with Annie to an era capable of answering all her questions about the Destiny Stone.  An era that introduces her to Callum, a man the future could never produce.

ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND LEGEND is a magical journey sure to thrill lovers of Scotland, history, and time travel romance.

MACALISTER’S HOPE (A Kilmartin Glen novella) ~ Laurin Wittig ~ 3.5 stars

Wee Fia MacLachlan, fostered by Symon (the Devil of Kilmartin) and his wife Elena is called upon to use her healing abilities to save the chief of the MacAlister clan.  Her past kindness has a definitive impact on her present and her future if she’s willing to allow it.

Kieron MacAlister is the valued right hand and cousin of Tavis MacAlister, the chief’s son.  Fia’s past kind words helped shape Kieron into the man he is today.  He’s the man in whom Fia’s past, present, and potential future collide.

Fia and Kieron’s story is charmingly romantic. Highlighting how belief in yourself and kindness to others produces positive ripples with far-reaching long lasting repercussions.

Sure to please lovers of sweet romance where the hero has carried a torch for quite a while.

THE OUTCAST ~ Glynnis Campbell (A Shadow of the Queen novella) ~ 3.5 stars

Laclan Mar isn’t Biera’s idea of the rightful one to ensure the Winter Stone is safely delivered to its new keeper.  He looks wrong, it feels wrong, but the Winter Stone has chosen and she has to have faith.

Lachlan Mar isn’t your traditional hero.  He’s been crippled by the loss of his leg, his heart, and his will.  This is his penance for being unable to keep the vow made to his father.  All four of his brothers died on the battlefield.  He should have too.  Since Margaret left it’s just him and Campbell, his wolfhound, in the cabin.  I confess to being especially fond of Campbell.

Alisoune inherited her family’s spectacle making business and is independent.  She’s also intelligent, curious, and considers herself a scientist.  The latter isn’t the safest thing to be in 1542.  That’s how she winds up at Lachlan’s cabin with the priest and villagers hot on her trail ready to burn her for a witch.

Lachlan and Alisoune are the perfect blend of faith and science; a handicapped hero and least likely to be a heroine heroine.  This is also the story the Winter Stone features in the least.

THE WINTER STONE has a Highlander romance for every taste.  An overall charming read.  I’ll be looking for other books by these authors.


TanyaPut a menu in front of me and I immediately don’t know what I want. Fried green tomatoes with grits? Yep, OK. Fish? Sounds good, too. What are you having? Maybe I’ll do that. When it comes to shoes–forget it. I end up buying nothing because I can’t make up my mind. Thank God I have a husband who has great taste or my closet might be empty. I’m one of those people who suffers from acute ambivalence given too many choices, but when it comes to what I wanted to do with my life, I’ve known that since the age of 12–and probably long before then. It all began once upon a time after a tonsillectomy, when the doc advised mom and dad they should reward me with anything I wanted (the key word here being anything). All I wanted was dad’s typewriter. I got it, of course–a black, sporty Olympia I immediately set out to wearing the letters off the keys. So here I am all these years later, with seventeen books under my belt and a new one on the way … still wearing the letters off keyboards … and loving every minute.

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