My introduction to Stacy’s writing was Into the Dark which is now the reworked INTO THE DEVIL’S UNCERGROUND.  You can read my review if you’d like.  Yes, I’ll be reading & reviewing INTO THE DEVIL’S UNDERGROUND.  Curious as to how much has changed & a tad worried, truth be told..:)  

For Stacy’s giveaway tell us, what scares you?  In this world please, not the otherworld or nether region etc…Y’all don’t wanna miss getting in on this one!

Giveaway! Stacy is happy to give away a digital copy of INTO THE DEVIL’S UNDERGROUND to one lucky winner.
From the author of the bestselling Delta Crossroads Trilogy comes INTO THE DEVIL’S UNDERGROUND. Set in the dark and terrifying tunnels beneath Las Vegas, INTO THE DEVIL’S UNDERGROUND is a gritty thriller featuring a relentless and cunning stalker who will stop at nothing to catch his prey.



Emilie would die fighting. Jamming the burning end of the gun in her neck, Creepy dragged her through the basement, plowing over boxes and anything else in his wake. The dark didn’t seem to hinder his path. She tried to twist out of his grip; he slammed her against the wall. The air in her lungs belched out of her mouth as agony tore across her back. Creepy started pounding at something that smelled chalky, the dull thuds clanging in her throbbing head. She grasped blindly for her wits, but the sheer darkness in the room gnashed its teeth–a gaping hole she couldn’t escape.

Shouts echoed down the stairs. How badly was Nathan hurt?

Flattening her hands against the cool, concrete wall, she tried to slither away. But Creepy knew, even without seeing her. His long fingers formed a steely grip on her arm, yanking her back and pushing her to the floor.

“Sit.” He huffed and then grunted. Whatever he was pounding on made a popping sound, like a board breaking. A triumphant sound rose from him, and he started to pull her up.

“Here’s the door, Miss Emilie.”

Fear like she’d never known entombed her–a heavy coffin lid closing with a blunt clang. She dug her fingernails into his hand trying to break his grip. “There’s no door. You’re crazy.”

He laughed softly, musically. “Of course there is. It’s been there all along.” A hazy, pinpoint beam of light sparked in the darkness. Emilie blinked, her eyes tearing from dust and fear and tiredness. “Look,” Creepy said.

She followed the cylinder of light. And then she screamed.


About the author
Born in Indiana and raised in Iowa, Stacy Green earned degrees in journalism and sociology from Drake University. After a successful advertising career, Stacy became a proud stay-at-home mom to her miracle child. Now a full-time author, Stacy juggles her time between her demanding characters and supportive family. She loves reading, cooking, and the occasional gardening excursion. Stacy lives in Marion, Iowa with her husband Rob, their daughter Grace, and the family’s three obnoxious but lovable canine children.

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