What’s up w/ & how are  y’all?  Any big plans for summer?  Reading anything good?

It’s been busy here on my end of the blog.  We moved over Memorial Day weekend & for a few weeks before that I was sorting & shedding, packing and prepping.  I abhor moving.  I’ve done it so often I’m thoroughly sick of it.  The experience is useful because in less than a week we were settled.  Kinda anal that way!  It drives me banana boats to live in a mess & chaos.

Since I’m a glutton for punishment I’ll be heading home to Ga. for a visit in a few weeks.  Taking middle, his fiancee, & my 2 grands.  Momma & Daddy have never met their great- grandson & they’re so excited.  That’s what’s been & will be going on here.

Things often slow down a bit for summer but there’s some lovely visitors lined up I hope y’all enjoy.  I’ll be posting some reviews too…Thanks to Sami I’ve discovered a lovely cozy series I’ll be sharing.   Romance hasn’t really been at the top of my reading pile lately.  Do y’all find you’re all over the place rather than one genre or sub-genre all the time?  I need variety!

I’ll leave y’all w/ a pic of my back yard yesterday morning. We’ve moved to a condo w/ a pond in back.  It’s a wildlife habitat so we have plenty of critters for HRH to oohh & ahh over.  There’s a mallard, a wood duck, 2 geese, & a young beaver (upper right).  We have 3 geese pairings complete w/ goslings but they weren’t in this pic.

6-4-14 beaver tail& speaking of HRH…..here she is reading.

5-2-14 hrhLooking forward to hearing from y’all!