Occasionally we run across books we’re excited to read but they just don’t pan out for a variety of reasons.  When the characters don’t appeal the whole book falls flat.  Unfortunately, that was the case with THE BELLINGHAM BLOODBATH.   Has anyone else read it?  Did you like it?  Feel free to disagree….Would I have liked it better if I’d read the first one?  I did buy it, that’s how much I believed I’d like this one. My intention was to read it right after to fill in any gaps. Not interested in doing that now….

bellingham bloodbath

My thoughts….

The murder of a captain in Her Majesty’s Guard has prompted Major Hampstead to enlist the services of Colin Pendragon and his assistant/companion Ethan Pruitt.  Colin, in answer to the Major’s request to pacify the press while the Guard deals with their own, vows to solve the murder of Capt. Bellingham and his wife Gwendolyn in three days. If he fails, he will read the prepared statement.

Of course Colin has no intention of failing or being puppeted by the Major.

This was my first and last adventure with Colin and Ethan.  My expectations for THE BELLINGHAM BLOODBATH and this series were high, much too high as it turns out.  I didn’t like the characters at all.

Colin has no finesse.  He’s not brilliant, subtle, or impressive. His quirks, the dumbbells and push ups, came across as affections.  The coin manipulation was the exception. It was believable. There was nothing to distinguish his investigative or questioning techniques, no intuitive leaps. With no evidence presented to justify Colin’s reputation and renown, as a reader I was unable to believe in his “abilities”.

As for Colin’s assistant/companion/partner Ethan, his petty jealousies and insecurities were irritating at best. His childish fit of pique leading to his stay at the Devonshire was ridiculous. The only characters even remotely appealing to me were Lady Dahlia Stuart and Lady Priscilla.

The mysteries were unable to overcome my dislike of the characters.  My overall impression was childish pettiness with an occasional swipe of spite.

If not obligated to read THE BELLINGHAM BLOODBATH it would have been a D(id) N(ot) F(inish) for me.

2 stars