I Need A Hero!

I have always loved men in Hollywood. Who doesn’t, right? The first Hollywood guy I fell in love with was Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. What girl could resist his no-holds-barred passion for historical artifacts or his disarming charm with a dash of devil-may-care bad boy skimming the edges, not to mention his deftness with a whip made you wonder how those hands would feel with you in them. I was five when I fell for Indy. It’s a love affair that has tempered and forged what I look for in a hero: passion, drive, determination, and honor.
Since Ruptured is actually a prequel to the first book Anointed in The Cantati Chronicles, I already had the names and personalities of the men who were part of my heroine’s squad. What I didn’t have was what they looked like. This is one of my favorite tasks when it comes to creating a character, adding in the visual eye candy that just makes you melt. I have always been a visual writer, if I build what it looks like in my mind, then I can write it. So I took about a day culling through which Hollywood actor would be the physical representation of each of the important men in Alana’s life. Such a hardship!
First up is Quentin. He is one of my favorite characters in this series. He has a naturally darker complexion lending to an Italian/Spanish ancestry. The actor who exemplifies him is Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead and Mob City. Next up is Luke. He’s such a charmer, and anytime I think of him I need to fan myself. Alana calls Luke her six-two stud muffin. He is all that and more. Luke is a golden boy, one whom is adept at always playing the hero. Some men just have that inherent instinct and I have always found that incredibly sexy. This one was a personal choice, for a number of reasons, but Chris Evans from The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier embodies Luke’s personification. He’s the type who will call his mother after every mission to let her know he made it just fine.
Then we have Ben. I love him. He has a dashing, danger, adventurer junkie within him. He’s the proverbial traveler and never takes anything too serious. There was only one man who could represent such a wild hooligan such as he, Colin O’Donahue, who plays the devilish Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time, wins the crown hands down. Ben has that dashing, sardonic way of existing. And lastly, there’s the youngest of the bunch, Nick. He was a little more difficult to cast, but I have always really liked Jake Abel from The Host and Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. Nick is a very serious, brooding young lad, who has been handed far more than his fair share of responsibility. He rounds out my cast of characters fairly well though.
Who is your favorite Hollywood heartthrob?

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It has been eighty-three years since the walls between Earth and Infernus fell, and now our world stands upon the razor’s edge of extinction. Demon platoons are marching upon us. My home, one of humanity’s last bastions of existence, is under siege.

My name is Alana Devereaux. I am the resident demon detector of Cantati Forces and Platoon Commander. My job is to hunt down the vermin unleashed upon my world, and I love it. I live for the day I can kick every last demon’s ass out of this world. Except as enemy forces reign down terror upon us, the Densare Council sentences me to a fate worse than death.

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Bestselling Author Maggie Mae Gallagher doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing. When she was a kid she acted out her favorite scenes, only better, with her brother and cousin. As a teenager, she wrote reams of poetry, but realized her true love lay with creating characters and stories. A former music and history major, Maggie is a total geek at her core. When she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her two furry felines. She can be reached at her website, her Facebook page, or on Twitter.