For those who’ve loved Drew & Crew since their introduction in Tangled here it is….

My Thoughts

TIED opens several years on from Tangled. Drew and Kate have an adorable two year old mini-Drew and are days away from their nuptials but first; the bachelor/bachelorette parties. When money is no object where’s the best place to hold these traditional “end of an era” rites of passage?  Where else but Las Vegas-Sin City, where the potential for mayhem and disaster is limitless.

Will Drew and Kate survive their friends efforts to make their last hurrah events memorable?

Will the fates conspire with DeeDee to derail Drew and Kate’s trip to the altar?

These questions and more will be answered when you read TIED.

My favorite reformed BAD BOY is back. Drew may have taken himself off the market since meeting Kate but thankfully he hasn’t lost his wicked, irreverent sense of humor; his voice is as honest, witty, and humorous as ever. If you haven’t read Tangled, Twisted, and Tamed what are you waiting for? Please, consider this your engraved invitation. A heads up: Tangled and Twisted, at the very least, should be read before TIED. Don’t deprive yourself of one iota of the pleasure that is The Tangled series.

Just when I thought he couldn’t get any better Drew ups the ante by being an amazing father and partner. Seriously, they don’t come much better than Drew; lucky Kate.

TIED was sheer delight from start to finish. By the time I’d read the last word my face hurt from smiling and yes, a hormonal tear or two had fallen.

Ms. Chase tops my shortlist of go to authors guaranteed to chase away a foul or blue mood.  If laughter is the best medicine, Ms. Chase has the over the counter market cornered so be sure to have plenty of Drew and crew on hand to be taken as needed.

5 stars

For those who haven’t started the series, what’re you waiting on???!!!  I do recommend reading these in order to fully appreciate the timeline & flow…

Tangled Red Cover



Tied Cover

Tangled: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Paperback OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Holy Frigging Matrimony (novella): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA

Twisted: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Paperback

Tamed: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Paperback

Tied: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Paperback (October 7, 2014)

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