I have a friend who loves books like Hollywood Babylon.  When I lived back home she passed them to me.  It’s hard not to be drawn into them but that & the occasional headline you can’t avoid is my experience with celebrity gossip. It’s hard for me to comprehend the obsession with people like the Kardashians & such as that.  What drew me to SCANDALS is that it focuses on the Early & Golden Era’s.  It’s probably the cover ups & all but it all came across as much classier back in the day. That sense of decorum & propriety wouldn’t be a bad thing today in my humble & honest opinion. What do y’all think?  Who’s your favorite classic stars?


My thoughts….

It’s been years since I read a Hollywood scandals book. While well acquainted with early Hollywood, ie. Fatty Arbuckle etc., there were some things I wasn’t aware of. Speaking as one who delights in the stars and movies from Hollywood’s Early and Golden eras SCANDALS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD is both entertaining and enlightening. In contrast to my prior, admittedly limited, reading Ms. Petersen gives more background and details beyond the salacious and titillating. She leads up to the scandal putting it in context with the individual’s personality. In terms of the effect the incident or behavior has on a career, fans, etc..it’s framed by society’s morals, values, and expectations of that celebrity.  The latter is the aspect that gave me the most food for thought, how handlers/publicists would spin these lapses of better judgment or bad behavior to make them acceptable or forgivable. In a sense these scandals say as much about society as they do the actors. Fascinating standpoint.

Before SCANDALS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD I had never heard of Anne Helen Petersen or Hairpin. Checking out her column is now on my must do list.

SCANDALS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD is an entertaining, fun, and palatably revealing look at us wrapped in the actions of others.

3.5 stars

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