THE WICKED WAYS OF ALEXANDER KIDD is the second in Ms. Quinn’s The MacGregors: The Highland Heirs series. Allow me to introduce our hero and heroine…..

Captain Alexander Kidd, son of Captain William Kidd.
Alex learned to love the sea at a young age but the desire to answer to no man led him to follow his father’s path of piracy. Retrieval of his father’s legacy, a heretofore unknown treasure map, leads Alex to the Isle of Skye, Camlochlin, and the notorious MacGregor clan. Unbeknownst to Alex he’s about to embark on his life’s greatest adventure and learn what truly constitutes a treasure.
Alex’s sinful good looks, wicked humor, and devilish charm combined with all the qualities he hides under his flippant devil-may-care façade make him nigh irresistible. Alex is definitely worthy of a certain headstrong Highland lass.

Caitrina Grant, daughter of Connor Grant and Mairi MacGregor.
Trina’s family has been proscribed putting her life in danger the minute she leaves Skye. For her own safety Trina’s been trained in the art of self defense and archery. Trina prefers the weapons and combat training the boys receive to sewing and cooking. Her family history, particularly her matriarchal line, bold taste in literature, and thirst for adventure and foreign climes makes Connor’s expectation of Trina settling down to a quiet life of domesticity and babies idealistic at the least. Trina’s prayers for adventure are answered when she sneaks away and slips onto Capt. Alexander Kidd’s ship, Poseidon’s Adventure. She only wants a quick look round while she has the chance. Stowing away was purely accidental……..
Trina is beautiful, bold, intelligent, and daring. Our intrepid heroine is determined to wring every second from her unexpected adventure.

THE WICKED WAYS OF ALEXANDER KIDD begins with a bang. Ms Quinn sets and maintains a brisk pace of daring adventures on the high seas and in exotic locales favored by pirates while keeping the sexual tension between Trina and Alex as taut as Trina’s bowstring. I was totally captivated. The pages fairly flew by.
Their seafaring adventure of love, betrayal, and treasure seeking, accompanied by strong interesting secondary characters, is anything but predictable. The value of unpredictability can’t be overstated. I was tickled no end with the twists and turns that proved me wrong regarding a major plot point.
I was swept away by the bold, brash and engaging adventure created by Ms. Quinn, absolutely enthralled by THE WICKED WAYS OF ALEXANDER KIDD. What a wonderful escape….4.5 stars

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