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The love triangle is as old as humanity.

It has been seen in history, Henry VIII and assorted wives and mistresses, royalty (Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles), film (François Truffaut’s 1962 Jules et Jim & the more recent Savages) and of course, life.  Everyone knows someone who has had or is involved in an affair.

And of course we are always quick to judge, to point fingers and ascribe guilt.  But our responses are influenced by relationships, friendships and family ties, and the truth gets lost in all of that baggage.  But, in an affair, there are no simple answers, no easy truth.

Writing The Consequences allowed me the opportunity to explore the three truths – the mistress’s predicament, the husband’s conflict and, of course, the wife’s dilemma.

My personal favorite questionable love triangle is Casablanca’s Rick, Ilsa and Lazlo. Love is complicated and Ilsa loves both of these men for different reasons; Rick’s passion and manliness, Lazlo’s integrity and convictions. Both offer strong romantic options; yet, she has to choose. However, in the tradition of good dramatic tension, Rick cleverly makes the decision for her.

In The Affair, Stephanie also makes the decision for Robert; however, due to several complications and Robert’s own confusion, it doesn’t end as tidily as “We’ll always have Paris.”

Right now Hollywood is considering a sequel to Casablanca.  I half-hope it will never happen, but in my version, Ilsa would have made her own decision and not allowed Rick to make that choice for her.  Also, as a woman, she probably wouldn’t have trapped herself in the same web of lies which Robert builds for himself.

The biggest threat to a relationship is lack of trust and when the lies start spewing, the relationship is invariably doomed. Love triangles can be complicated and devastating, but often the outcome is filled with unexpected results.

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